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Raw Camel Milk (Frozen) 500ml - Out of stock



ETA 24/05/24

Flash Frozen upon bottling & Delivered to your home.

Desert Farms Camel Milk 100% Raw & Natural.

A delicious drink of pure goodness. The taste is slightly sweet, creamy and always refreshing!

Camel milk was the traditional staple diet of the Bedouins, providing them with all the proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates required to face the harsh desert life.

While every new drink claims an added ingredient to make it special, we don’t have to add anything. Hailed by ancient wisdom and powered by healthy camels, camel milk gives us modern folks the nutrients and vitamins we need. Every bottle is packed with nutrients that love you right back. You can feel good about this stuff. It absolutely IS the world’s most wholesome dairy beverage.

Our Frozen Camel Milk is Quick frozen right after bottling using a Nitrogen freezer. This process Freezes the milk instantly which locks in all the nutrients and benefits right away. This method is much better for the preservation of nutrients and protein molecules of the milk compared to freezing the milk in a home freezer. So If you are planning to put the milk in the freezer when you receive it. It would be best to buy the frozen camel milk.


For quantities over 100Litres please contact us by email

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