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Our Farms

Farmers are the heart of Desert Farms

Our commitment to local farming communities has created a handful of family farms across Europe. From the rolling hills of Switzerland to the sunny coast of Spain our commitment remains stronger than ever. After all, great camel milk starts with great local farmers and a healthy herd. All camels are pasture-raised, meaning that they are allowed to eat all the different natural flora and fauna in the pastures, a natural diet their bodies can easily handle  – and one that keeps them happy and healthy.

When you choose Desert Farms as your source of camel milk, you can feel great knowing you’re supporting local agriculture across the country, along with the proud heritage of local family farmers.  We celebrate our family farmers for taking on the incredible task and risk of putting the world’s healthiest dairy on Europe's tables with common sense, hard work, and sheer heart.

See some pictures of our camels in action with our Farm Cam.