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Our Practices

Quality Camel Milk

Milk is the heart of our business, so we take it seriously. It has to taste great, but we also want to buy from farmers who look after their workers, herds and the environment. Our milk comes from camel farmers in Europe only, of all types and sizes (large groups and tiny family farms) with an average herd of 6 camels. While there is definitely no 'one size fits all' approach to buying responsibly, the following are all essential in our buying:

We ask our farmers to use “Good Manufacturing Practices” and abide by fair minimum standards to improve their social and environmental performance year after year. Our strategy is to work them and help them to get there. Achieving our goals is a journey with a daily
destination of quality.

Our Camel Milk is:

Raw vs. Pasteurization
Desert Farms does not take sides in this debate. We simply use farmers committed to the highest standards of cleanliness, which allow us to source our milk and sell it to customers who wish to safely consume raw camel milk.   Desert Farms is neither for nor against raw or pasteurized. Our interest is in providing accurate information to support consumer choice.
Raw camel milk v.s Pasteurized camel milk


Desert Farms believes camel milk is healthy in both forms, raw and pasteurized. We want to give our customers the right to choose, to be happy and have peace of mind when using our products. The nutritional differences of raw and pasteurized milk are thought to be slim, although we do believe that both raw and pasteurized camel milk that are pasture-raised and grass fed is the healthiest option.
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Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging must have the lowest possible impact. All bottles are made from the #1 recyclable plastic called polyethylene terephthalate or PETE. This BPA-free plastic is the most commonly accepted plastic in curbside recycling programs. It’s made in the Europe and sourced by other family farms. Obviously, we ensure our packaging does the job it's supposed to. Not much point in reducing environmental impacts if it makes our camel milk go funny. There's always more work to do in this area, so we'll keep pushing till we reduce everything can be reduced. But honestly, we run a really tight buggy already.

Bpa free bottles from desert farms camel milk
Supporting Small Family Farms

Home is where the heart is. We believe in supporting UK & European produce , which is why we only deliver the best camel milk in Europe. Our camel milk comes from small family farms where the average herd is about 6 camels and where most work is still done by hand.

Small family camel farms

The product you’re enjoying contributes to building new markets and creating a sustainable source of income for small farming families. Adding camel milk to their product line has enabled these hard-working families to live healthfully and keep our country’s beautiful green acreage in their good stewardship. With Desert Farms’ help, our farmers don’t have to worry about sales and marketing, so they can spend more time in the field. This creates a higher level of camel milk production, which increases their income and creates more supply. The result is a magnificent and growing camel herd that’s giving the nation delicious-tasting camel milk!

It’s also nice to know that the farmers treat their camels very well, often living very close to them and spending hours per day on their care. We observe and encourage humane animal treatment, and are glad to help preserve our country’s natural resources and biodiversity.