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Why Raw Milk

Why raw camel milk - make your own choice

Why drink raw milk if you can pasteurize it?
Raw means fresh and untreated…the way cow milk used to be before it was brought into cities and produced in unhealthy factories whose unclean processes made people sick. That’s why laws were changed to often require pasteurization. Cow milk from farms rarely sickened the locals who drank it. It’s all about the handling and production. And cows are a lot messier than camels. Here’s an inside scoop — about the poop. Unlike sloppy cow pies, camel poop is small and dry. Less mess, less risk. Less trackin’ anything in the house.

Many people prefer raw because some nutritional and enzymatic structures in the milk are so powerful in their raw state. They may be somewhat denatured by the heat if cooked, making it difficult or even impossible, for our bodies to absorb the benefits at their full potential. Other people prefer the assurance of pasteurized (heated) milk to kill any unknown organisms.

Raw milk from clean dairies (particularly pasture-raised animals) can be as healthy or healthier than pasteurized milk. Farmers raising their animals on pasture and milking them, using a closed system to prevent contamination, can produce milk that is safe and healthy for most people to drink. This info is not new, just forgotten. The Mayo Clinic used to implement a "milk cure," consisting of feeding large quantities of whole raw cow milk to restore the health of sick people. They abandoned this after antibiotics came out since pill-popping is more convenient than drinking milk. But with more bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics these days, as well as the destruction of beneficial gut bacteria from antibiotic usage, some holistic practitioners now recommend raw milk to restore the health of their patients.

Two Sides, Two Choices: Raw vs. Pasteurized
Desert Farms does not take sides in this debate. We simply use farmers committed to the highest standards of cleanliness, which allow us to source our milk and sell it to customers who wish to safely consume raw camel milk.

However we do believe in giving our customers the choice, which is why we also offer our ‘gently’ pasteurized camel milk.  Our camel milk is pasteurized at a low temperature to preserve the fabulous, fresh flavor of camel milk. The low temperature would destroy dangerous pathogens (if any), but not the helpful bacteria that our bodies need.

Desert Farms believes camel milk is healthy in both forms, raw and pasteurized. We want to give our customers the right to choose, to be happy and have peace of mind when using our products. The nutritional differences of raw and pasteurized milks are thought to be slim, although we do believe our raw camel milk would be more nutritious than pasteurized camel milk because our camels are extremely healthy and pasture-raised.