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Camel Milk and Diabetes

At Desert Farms, we are always proud to bring you nature’s most nutritious, delicious dairy beverage around. We cannot overemphasize the endless benefits of Camel milk.

The benefits of camel milk are accumulating daily. There have been many studies on the benefits of camel milk in diabetics. Analysis has showed that camel’s milk has insulin like substances that may improve the glycemic (sugar) control in diabetics.

Camel milk has been noted not to form coagulum within the acidic environment that allows the milk to pass through the stomach fast without breakdown of the insulin like substances allowing them to be absorbed.

A randomized control study to see the effects camel milk on glycemic control in type 1 diabetic patients was done over 52 weeks and the results showed that the diabetics on camel milk had better glycemic control and reduced insulin intake.

The exact substances within the milk that give the improved glycemic control are still under investigation, but the benefits have been well documented. Camel milk has even been called an adjunct to insulin therapy.

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Why is camel milk the better choice for lactose intolerant people?

Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem that affects around 30% of the population. People, diagnosed with lactose intolerance, are usually advised to avoid milk and dairy products - but completely removing those from your menu can be a challenging and unpleasant thing to do. Fortunately, there is an alternative to traditional dairy products and that’s camel milk.

Camel milk is widely consumed in in some parts of the world, such as Somalia, Mongolia and the UAE and is given predominantly to children in order to strengthen their immune system. In recent years, scientists have experimented with camel’s milk and successfully demonstrated its superiority to cow’s milk in patients with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance.

Because of its specific features, camel milk is a safer and healthier option for patients, suffering from lactose intolerance. A vast body of research suggests that acceptance of camel milk is excellent and doesn’t result in any undesirable side effects or reactions. Moreover, camel milk has been demonstrated to be especially good for children, suffering from severe food and milk allergies. Consumption of camel milk not only didn’t trigger a side effect, but actually helped the children recover fully from their allergies.

The main reason why camel milk is the better choice, if you’re suffering from lactose intolerance or milk allergies is that it doesn’t contain beta-lactoglobin - the protein, found in cow’s milk that causes allergic reactions. Camel milk is also healthier than cow’s milk, as it contains only 2% fat and the small percentage of lactose present in the milk makes it possible for patients suffering from lactose intolerance to digest it successfully. What makes it even more beneficial is that camel milk is rich in immunoglobulins, which are very similar to the ones found in mother’s milk. This particular feature of the camel’s milk is used to strengthen future responses to food, which alleviates the symptoms of food and dairy allergies and protects the organism from viruses, bacteria and various external agents.



Where to buy camel milk?

Camel milk ??? Good luck finding that in the states…"

I am sure you’ve asked around your family & friends “where can I buy camel milk” and experienced a similar response… Well, call them right now and rub it in their face. Just kidding, be nice! 

Our customers are always thrilled to find us. We’ve created a strong network of small family farmers that are producing the nation's great tasting camel milk! No matter where you are, our camel milk will always come from a family farm near you. Unless you’re in Canada … and yes we do ship to Canada!

So where can you buy camel milk in USA? Well right here of course. At Desert Farms, along with our hard working farmers we’ll milk your healthy camel at your service and when your camel is ready to drop some milk we'll try and catch the lost drop and deliver it you, bottled at farm and straight to your doorstep “Fresh” or “Frozen”. It’s delicious!

When you choose Desert Farms as your source of camel milk, you can feel great knowing you’re supporting local agriculture across the country, along with the proud heritage of American family farmers.  We celebrate our family farmers for taking on the incredible task and risk of putting the world’s healthiest dairy on America’s tables with common sense, hard work, and sheer heart.

If you care about health, Desert Farms is the natural choice. Let us help you get a fresh supply of camel milk all year round.

Choose Desert Farms and live your life well and naturally.