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Camel Milk in Diabetics

At Desert Farms, we are always proud to bring you nature’s most nutritious, delicious dairy beverage around. We cannot overemphasize the endless benefits of Camel milk.

The benefits of camel milk are accumulating daily. There have been many studies on the benefits of camel milk in diabetics. Analysis has showed that camel’s milk has insulin like substances that may improve the glycemic (sugar) control in diabetics.

Camel milk has been noted not to form coagulum within the acidic environment that allows the milk to pass through the stomach fast without breakdown of the insulin like substances allowing them to be absorbed.

A randomized control study to see the effects camel milk on glycemic control in type 1 diabetic patients was done over 52 weeks and the results showed that the diabetics on camel milk had better glycemic control and reduced insulin intake.

The exact substances within the milk that give the improved glycemic control are still under investigation, but the benefits have been well documented. Camel milk has even been called an adjunct to insulin therapy.

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