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Welcome to Desert Farms - Camel Milk ( A letter from our founder)

Walid Abdul-Wahab & Desert Farms - Camel Milk

Desert Farms, Ltd. brings the healthy tradition of camel milk to the UK & Europe. Fresh, sweet-tasting milk from happy camels in our farmers’ green pastures. Nothing added or removed…as pure and wholesome as the amazing and protective mother camels who give it.

In addition to wanting to share the natural goodness of camel milk, Desert Farms, Ltd. helps to open new markets and build sustainable sources of income for small family farmers. We believe in supporting local production, so we help the best farmers produce the best, most fresh camel milk. Desert Farms, Ltd. treats everyone well---especially farmers, because somebody’s gotta get those girls milked at 5 am!  With their help, we’ll eventually offer customers a variety of camel milk products for all tastes and needs, so stay tuned. 

As a dedicated believer in health and fitness, I found camel milk to be the perfect food for a healthy lifestyle. The company's head office is in London and we regularly visit the camel farmers around europe to keep a good rapport and quality production flowing!

We are a healthy start-up, so please be patient with us, any comments or feedbacks is appreciated and highly recommended. 

Thank you for visiting our page and we look forward to being your quality source of Camel Milk!

Camel Kisses, 
Founder Walid Abdul-Wahab

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Abdo Harbu
Abdo Harbu

August 22, 2018

I like drink acamel milk, it is good.when u drink camel milk our body strong

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