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Camel Milk Benefits

The nutritional benefits of camel milk are endless. At Desert Farms, we are proud to bring you nature’s most nutritious dairy beverage.

Camel milk is a natural pro-biotic to assist healthy bacteria growth in the gut making it easy to digest. It may improve gastrointestinal health and systemic immunity

Camel milk is rich in Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) giving you 70% of your recommended daily value per serving. Vitamin B1 may contribute to the maintenance of mental function, which also helps to regulate your metabolism.

Camel milk is also rich in Calcium providing you with 30% of your daily value per serving which will help build stronger bones.

Camel Milk is a good source of potassium and phosphorus, helping your body maintain a healthy blood pressure level, in combination with a low-sodium diet, which may reduce the risk of a stroke.

Additionally, Camel Milk has 50% less fat and 50% less saturated fat than USDA whole milk. Development of cancer depends on many factors. A diet low in total fat may reduce the risk of some cancers, while many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat may reduce the risk of this disease.

Camel milk is also a good source of protein with 10 grams of protein per bottle, helping you maintain stronger muscles.

Findings on Camel Milk

The nutritional benefits of camel milk provide the foundation for its health benefits. Studies on the health benefits of camel milk are on-going and show promising results. You can find many studies on camel milk in the PubMed database.

One of the major findings of camel milk is the presence of lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is used as an antioxidant protecting the body against viral and bacterial infections.

The lactoferrin in camel milk according to PubMed scientists  has been shown to:

  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Promote healthy intestinal bacteria
  • Regulate the way the body processes iron           
  • Reduce coronary heart disease
  • Prevent stomach and digestive problems

Additional Benefits of Camel Milk

Camel milk benefits newborns and children. It is the closest in terms of composition to a mother’s milk. In many countries in the Middle East and North Africa, camel milk is used to feed malnourished children. Although we recognize that breastfeeding is important for optimal infant and child health and development. We share this view, and we recommend that you consult your health care provider when you are considering changing any aspect of a child’s diet.

At Desert Farm our network of small family farms have worked hard to provide you with nature’s most wholesome dairy beverage.

Drinking camel milk benefits the human body in many ways. And, best of all, camel milk is delicious!



May 31, 2019

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Rambhai Agravat
Rambhai Agravat

April 28, 2019


Camel milk Should Be taken


March 28, 2019

does camel milk good for losing weight? can it be used as diet supplement?

Ladan Yusuf Mohammad
Ladan Yusuf Mohammad

January 04, 2019

Does drinking of raw camel milk harmful to heath? And how does camel milk last?


December 23, 2018

Fresh raw milk benefits

Eman Alsheikh
Eman Alsheikh

December 01, 2018

Thanks for this beneficial information

Safia  Khan
Safia Khan

November 22, 2018

Do we need to drink raw milk or boiled or pasteurized
Is it good for chronic kidney disease

cabdullahi cumar aadan
cabdullahi cumar aadan

November 05, 2018

Binifit of camel milk


July 29, 2018

the amazing thing is that camel milk doesn’t have disadvantage side
in islam we consider it as the only food that person can live forever without any other food


July 24, 2018

Does Camel milk help in children attaining good height?


July 08, 2018

Do camel milk uses for height growth when early puberty starts??

Henok K. Garoy
Henok K. Garoy

May 18, 2018

I am very glad to hear all these precious benefits of camel milk. Is drinking raw camel milk a risk? What are the disadvantages?

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