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Immunologic properties of camels milk

Desert Farms as always is striving to bring you the most up-to-date information on the benefits of Camel Milk.

Camel’s milk which is now the topic of increasing research has been noted to have many beneficial immunologic properties which may be beneficial in states of disease and in health.

For example camel milk has been used for hundreds of years as a treatment for diarrhea even though the exact substance is still currently unknown. The camel milk appears to have anti-infectious properties that improve immunity to a number of infectious disease such as salmonella, this has been demonstrated in mice.

The camel’s milk benefits are thought to be due to the camel’s distinct physiology to tolerate constant stress, and to be in a state of colostrum, which is a type of “vaccine”. Research has clearly shown that camel milk is closet the substitute to human mother milk, which is widely known to have vast benefits to babies such as improved immunity and development. The camel milk has been shown to contain higher fat, protein (especially casein), ash, Fe, Ca, P, K, Mg, Na, and Cu than human milk and has been used in the Middle East and North Africa to treat malnourished children (We do not advocate changing your child’s diet unless under the strict observation of a Licenced  Physician).

This “vaccine” has antibiotic, antihypertensive and calming effects. The calming effect are primarily due to its high GABA content which is a brain transmitter with calming effect. These benefits may be attained by the consumers of this nutritious beverage. It also contains micronutrients that are essential to for the body’s immune system such as minerals, and protein in adequate quantities.

Desert Farm prides itself in bringing you this wholesome, nutritious milk with all it benefits to you.

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