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Camel’s Milk and its potential for Alzheimer’s Control


At Desert Farms, we are proud to bring you nature’s most nutritious dairy beverage. We cannot overemphasize the endless benefits of Camel milk. The benefits are becoming clearer with the increasing amount of studies being published daily.

Recent studies are beginning to show that Camel Milk may have benefits in halting the progression of Dementias such as Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is currently the most common cause of dementia worldwide and contributes to the majority of the 24 million people worldwide living with dementia. It poses a major public health concern and has become a priority for research. Currently it is the third most common cause of death in the United States only being surpassed by cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and stroke) and cancers.

Current research has noted that the progressive dysfunction of the brain also causes dysfunction in other vital organs within the body leading to progressive organ dysfunction and failure (aging). The mechanisms behind this deterioration are vast, but there is increasing evidence that environmental pollutants evoke a prolonged inflammatory stress on the body and the brain which leads to death of cell and dysfunction of the brain prematurely.

The camel has been noted to be able to tolerate prolonged harsh environments and inflammatory stress these environments evoke. It is thought that the exceptional attributes are due to the constant precise control from the brain via hormones and signals to the organs and thus modulating its response to the harsh environment.

It is currently believed that these properties can be harnessed from the camel’s milk unique composition of protein (especially casein) and other anti-oxidants could help stimulate the protective mechanisms that the camel uses to protect its brain and organs during times of stress. It is hoped in particular that the camels unusual energy efficiency and can help maintain brain cell function and thus the bodies other functions.

The camel milk could also potentially benefit other brain degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and autism.Desert Farm prides itself in providing this wholesome nutritious beverage and all its benefits the known and unknown.

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