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Folate in Camel Milk can make a real difference:

Camel Milk has folate as an ingredient along with other nutrients. Folate or folic acid is a vitamin that acts like a coenzyme that helps the DNA or hereditary material to share the genetic information with the ribosome.

Camel milk is rich in folates that are particularly important for pregnant women as her nutrition requirements are very high during pregnancy. It is also important for the fetus because while they grow inside the mother, they need a lot of folate to ensure that the neural system will be well developed. There is a research that concluded, anencephaly and other parts of the neural tube can be underdeveloped, same as other alterations like cleft lip and palate, and this can be prevented if the mother consumes the necessary quantity of folicacid, that naturally exists in the Camel milk.

The Camel milk has enough folates to prevent other diseases that are related to folate deficiency, like Pediatric Chron’s disease, periodontal disease, mucosal candidiasis etc.

Camel milk will also prevent blood diseases like macrocytosis, thrombocytopenia and megaloblastic anemia. All these are blood diseases that can be prevented by the adequate intake of folates

Another benefit of folate in camel milk is related to the attention disorders and neurologic deficiencies. There are researches that relate folate intake with pattern changes in Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Fragile X syndrome.

Thus it can be concluded that, among many uses of camel milk, having folate as an ingredient is significant thing to be remembered.

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